Bringing Transparency To Online Shopping

Cultivate provides valuable insights while you shop online and helps you give back.

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Some of our trusted partners

  • More than 90% of our partners are small businesses.
  • Every purchase donates to a Charity of your choice.
  • Up to 30% of our revenue is donated.
  • We value transparency.

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How It Works

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    Download the Free Cultivate Extension

    Add Cultivate for free to Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.

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    Shop As You Normally Do

    We'll show you local or US-made products on Amazon, find you merchants that help us give back to charities you choose, and more!

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    Feel & Make a Difference

    We'll help you find ethically made products, retailers helping our communities, and, now, lower drug prices across all pharmacies!

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See It In Action

It's SO simple!

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People are Cultivating

"This thing is awesome, great concept and I'm sure will continue to grow in library and accuracy as time goes on. Keep up the good work!"

Anshul Sharma

"Love this extension. Once added, it'll donate portions of my online purchases to the charity of my choice. In addition, it helps me source American made products."

Matthew Patterson

"This is honestly such a great thing. Not only does it show you what products are made so you know you aren't getting ripped off, but it donates a small amount to charity, for no cost at all! If I could I would rate this more than 5 stars, especially because it's free! 10/10"

Cooper Sherman

"I buy a lot on Amazon, but I don't want to purchase products from China any longer. They don't tell you the country of origin so this extension is just what I needed to guide my purchasing choices. Thanks!"

Rebecca Bean

Some Of Our Charity Partners

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  • Cultivate cares (3)
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  • Cultivate cares (4)
  • Cultivate Cares

    Through our 501(c)(3) registered organization, Cultivate Cares, we partner with many charities.

    Have one in mind? Send us a shout, we'd love to partner!

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